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1. How are we gonna defeat the Vespers

2. The vespers are aiming for gideons ring and the serum. How will we protect amy and dan? comments accepted

3. Vesper names here:

     Casper Wyoming
     Broderick Wizard
     Isabel Kabra

Add more if ya know

4. Gideon's ring probably holds the key to controling the planets. It can bend time, change the moon's sequence and it fits into some sort of Cahill clock/Watch/Thingmajig* posts comments below...

*My theory. I'm an ekat.

“You at the barricades listen to this, the people of Paris sleep in their beds … You have no chance, no chance at all, why throw your lives away?”


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1. How Are we going to defeat the Vespers? Well, as I have said in another reply to another post, we should think like Vespers.
2. I think we should make an A.I security force ( am I right Ekats )
3. I do not know any more. But how do you know Isabel or Brodrick was one? Brodrick was never mentioned as a Vesper and Isabel is only a theory.
4. Not underestimating Gideon, but isn't it a tad unlikely that in the 1500s a random person discovered gravity and how to manipulate it before Newton, Einstein. Schrodinger, Bohr, and those contributors to the hypothetical  Alcuiberre Drive?