Here, anyone who wants to can post their arena 39 scores can do it here.
I just ask you do it once a week, and only once a week.


877, 860


1,581,798  ( I don't play much )

Front sm


aka DolphinPink117

Branch: Janus






Credit to Ashley & Fyre for alter egos!

Emily, Heather's invisible friend

Emma, yet another invisible friend

Cahills for the Win!

Project Thirty Nine



Hystorian at Heart




Cahills for the win!


Have a good day!

Front sm


aka AgentWolf1430

Branch: Janus

B? Anyways This thread is hereby claimed in the Grand Name of the AEU. Here we will build our training grounds,and prepair for our takeover. If you are not from the AEU please leave the area immedatly.

AEU Members~ Welcome friends we have waited to long for this. PLease fill out this form:

Rank(Leader,Co.Leader,Commander,normal member):
and begin you POVs!

Age: 12
Skills: Archery, Knife throwing,Sneaking,Spying,Tricking people
Rank: Leader

My POV: *Ring* I pick up the phone "Hello? Rocky?" i roll my eyes "yes? And this is?" "My name is classified, I was told to tell you that the Training Area has been prepaired. I smile "
Good" I hang up and make a group call: Mixed voices chime in I count.... yep all here " Congratulations Alter Egos! You have been selected to attend the AEU Training Facility. You will be receiving an information packet in the mail today. The Oriantation is in 3 days please report to meeting place #2 The Airport at 3:00 PM sharp.

We stopped looking for the monsters under our beds,

when we realized...

They do not hide in closets nor in the attic that we dread,

but lie inescapable,

inside of our own heads.


Queen Of Secrets


~Razi Pierce


Front sm


aka EspionageOfficer5

Branch: Lucian

Are you Lexa?

decodingdragon73 aka EspionageOfficer5

Lazers are my friend

U.F.O's are my ally

Catch me-Wait you can't catch me

I'm Zeke


Nocturnal spy agent


Front sm


aka AquaAnalyzing445

Branch: Tomas

Dogfight: 49000
Snake Charmer: 23250
Stunt Pilot: 41215 
All Time Score: 618800 

Two hopeful hearts... Two lands apart...

Together there's no end to what a dream can start...

Flesh... Blood... Tears... And relish...

Freedom is the name of virtue.

Arthur Cahill