RIIINNGGGG!!!!! Dan woke up and shut off his alarm clock. Another day of boring school... thought Dan.
     "AMY GET UP!!!!" Dan yelled lut the door. He got dressed and met up with Amy downstairs. Dan saw Amy's expression and raised his eyebrows.
     "What's wrong with you?" asked Dan. 
     "I got a call yesterday from Ian and Natalie. Dan, their moving in with us. Before you can say an-" answered Amy. Before she could finish, Dan exploded.
     "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEIR MOVING IN WITH US? AMY!!!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD DID YOU DO?!?!" yelled Dan. Amy swore that the people two doors down would hear them.
     " Just until they get a house, they have no where to live. C'mon Dan! Anyways it's too late, their also joining our school," said Amy.
      "You just like Ian. That's the reason you agreed." mumbled Dan, and with that, he took off for school. 
       Dan had had a pretty good day at school today, besides the fact that he got detention for a month. He walked home with Amy.
     " When are they coming?" asked Dan.
     " At five," said Amy. Dan secretly wanted Natalie to come over. He had developed a crush for her over the clue hunt, but he didn't show it. And he difinetely didn't tell anybody about it. 
                                                            ~Three Hours Later~
        DINNGGGGG! The doorbell's song rang through the house, then stopped. 
     "DAN GET THE DOOR!" yelled Amy. Dan hesitantly got up from playing his computer game and opened the door. Ian and Natalie stood there with their luggage behind them. 
       " AMY GET DOWN HERE AND ENTERTAIN YOUR FIRST PASSENGER ON YOUR S.S DREAMBOAT, IAN!!!!!" yelled Dan to Amy. Amy ran down the stairs and gave Dan her death glare. Dan smirked while Amy and Ian blushed.
       " Nice to see you too, cuz," said Ian sarcastically. Ugh, I have to stay here?!?! I'm going to pass out, thought Natalie. Dan looked at Natalie as she smirked on Dan's comment. She flashed a quick smile to Dan and let herself in with Ian following behind her. 
        " Ian, you'll be sleeping in Dan's room an-" Dan interrupted Amy.
        "Great," muttered Dan. Amy rolled her eyes.
          " And Natalie, you'll be sleeping in my room, now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go cry into my pillow for another hundred years." said Amy, tears rolling down her cheeks. Dan shrugged.
           "What's up with her?" asked Ian
            " Her boyfriend dumped her," said Dan. Who would dump her? thought Ian. Dan grabbed all of the luggage and hauled it up the stairs. Natalie walked into Amy's room and saw her crying in her bed and walked back out. Ian walked into Amy's room and Natalie rolled her eyes. Natalie went downstairs and opened the door to the gardens. She saw Dan up in a tree and she climbed up, sitting in the branch next to hers.
            " Hey Nat," said Dan, Natalie looked even more gorgeous than she had before.
            "Hey Dan, I kind of wanted to talk to you about something," said Natalie.
            "Before you can say anything, I wanted to tell you that-" said Dan.
              "I like you." said Natalie in. Natalie blushed and so did Dan. Natalie leaned in and kissed Dan. They stayed like that for 2 minutes and Natalie pulled away. She smiled and so did Dan.
               "I like you too, Nat" said Dan.  End of Chapter One.


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Chapter Two~
 Dan never thught that he would be making out with a cobra, but here he was. It was bad anough that Amy had a hugecrush on Ian, but now Dan had fallen for Natalie. He didn't let it get to him, though.
     "Hey Dan, did you finish that scienc-" Amy said, poking her head out the window to the gardens. She saw Natalie and Dan making out. 
     "Um what?" Dan asked, blushing after pulling away quickly. Amy was dumbfounded.
     "What was that?" Amy asked, her eyes wide open.  
     "What was what?" asked Natalie.
     "Don't play dumb, Natalie." said Amy walking outside. Ian followed her out. 
     "Hey Amy, what are ya doing out here?" asked Ian.
     "Uh, nothing. Let's go inside." said Amy, grabbing Ian's wrist and pulling it inside.
     "I just saw Natalie and Dan making out," said Amy .
     "My Natalie???" asked Ian, his eyes bulging out of his face.
     "Yes! What are we going to do???" asked Amy, acing around the living room.
     "I'll tak Natalie shopping and you talk to Dan while I try to get some information out of Natalie, deal?" asked Ian. Amy nodded. Ian went outside and took his sister to the mall.
     "Dan, what happened out there with you and Natalie?" asked Amy.
      "Welll, I really like her" said Dan
       "You could have told me," said Amy
        "Sorry," murmured Dan. Amy nodded and went up to her room. She texted Ian: Come home.... now. She hit send.


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