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Ok, so yes I am the one who made the 'Is it possible for someone to like another in a different branch?' thread. So I am going to make a story about it. Now I kind of am an Amian fan but I’m not gonna do Ian or Amy. This is going to be AWESOME! Oh and it starts from Grace's funeral. (The start of the clue hunt.)
Why today? I just wanted to be normal person just today, but instead it's the normal me, the famous me. While the rest of the Cahill family is sitting I'm on the side getting pictures with fans. I may be the Wizz but sometimes it's just not enough. "Thank you all for coming" The man at the front began. I quickly took my seat. "I am William McIntyre, Madame Cahill's lawyer and executor." he introduced himself. “If you will look inside your programs some of you will find a gold invitation card." Excited murmuring broke out as four hundred people leafed through their programs.

A girl that was sitting close by to me opened her program and looked inside. What was she to find? a gold card. She smiled to the person next to her ("hey don't I know that guy?") and whispered something to him. Looking over at the familiar face. I thought for a moment. I have seen him a few times and his sister... Oh that’s right Ian and Natalie Kabra. But the girl on Ian's left wasn't Natalie she didn't even look related to them. What branch were they from again? Oh yeah the Lucian branch. She must be one too. I decided to look in my program and have a look. I opened the folder and there it was: the gold card.

Whoa man this is hectic. I thought to myself. "I assure you the invitations were not done randomly. I apologize to those of you who were excluded. Grace Cahill meant you no disrespect. Of all the members of the Cahill clan, only a few were chosen as the most likely." the big crowd stared to erupt. Then a familiar voice yelled. "Most likely or what?" Dan was only eleven but he sure had a good pair of lungs. "In your case, Dan, to be a stupid American git." Ian cold voice was just like a real Lucian.

The girl on Ian's left gave him a little punch. "Ian there know reason for you to be so rude." She appeared to me smiling but her tone was definitely not in a laughing mood. As she gave him the death stared Natalie giggled. “To be the beneficiaries of Grace Cahill's will. Now, if you please, those with invitations will gather in the great hall.” William instructed. Everyone with a gold card stood up immediately got up and rushed for the great hall. As I got out side I came across the girl again. She wasn't looking so she bumped into me. "Oh sorry. Are you alright?" she asked trying to get herself together.

"Yeah, I’m fine. Are you?" I replied. "Aren’t you Jonah? The singer?" she asked surprised. "Yeah, that’s what I’m known as." I replied again. "Stella come on, it’s time to go." A guy like Ian called, "coming" she called. "Well I better go. See you at the great hall." she gave me a wink and walked off. 
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I am loving it so far! Write On Monica!