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Evan, I don’t know why you’re going on and on about Jake. Ian’s the one we should be watching. He’s too busy sneaking off on his “emergency errands” to check the message boards, so I feel completely comfortable speaking my mind: that boy is up to something. I get that Amy doesn’t want us fighting, but I’m not just talking about branch rivalry stuff. I don’t think Ian belongs in the command center. He’s not just lazy . . . he’s sneaky.

Also, what kind of person hates cats? I’m just saying: animals can sense evil.

Keep your eyes open . . .

- Sinead 
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A type of person that hates cats is a person that cats hate them because they can sense that they are evil or up to no good.Also first to like.

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Ikr! I love cats! I don't think we should watch Jake.... I think we should watch Evan....and Ian!  According to my research there is strongholds for Isabel's group where the hostages are located.....





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Ian is suspisious. He has a weakness for his mother, and if Isabel is a Vesper she might be threatening him with Natalie. Ian has weaknesses and denies them. Until he can man up and face them and work on them he is going to have even harder times ahead of him.

Thanks for posting and keeping us updated about what's hapening at Cahill Comand Center!

Lucian out!

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whoa...u know Isabels a ian...


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I believe that we can trust Ian. I understand that he wants to know about his family and that he is angry at his mother. I mean, Lucians have complicated jobs. I think he needed to be alone to think about it. But I do agree that he a loose screw. Thanks for keeping us updated! 


we keep an eye on ian.we got you're back.tell amy and dan to go to berlin,germany to rob the golden jubilee
5th to post woo hoo
add me ppl 
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Ian's a good guy! He just needed to know if his mum blew up the factory and then he just got pulled into it all. And, BTW, he is really close to where the hosteges nare. Maybe he has a sixth sence and he knew! TRUST IAN!!! Do NOT trust Jake!!!


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I don't know what kind of person hates cats. Maybe Vesper 1 hates cats. I can't see how people hate cats because I love them! You might want to change every code or password there is so then Ian can't gain accsess to everything.

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thx for posting.the vesper elimination squad will go to argentina to rescue the hostages and find ian


You're right Sinead, all animals can sense Evil (A.K.A Ian :D just sayin'...)


Dude,Evan's just jealous cus' he thinks Jake's gonna steal Amy from him,(not literally).As for Ian,I assure you that he doesn't have anything to do with the vespers.      -Emma
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I know, right? We should be worrying more about Ian than Jake. Don't you also think that you should be worrying about where he's gone and why he won't tell you guys at Command? He has been really suspicious of late.

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Oh, and about cats, I'm not a big fan of them, I'm just a little scared around them and other animals. It's a phobia I'm trying to overcome, so maybe Ian's scared of cats? Just a little thought.

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Hey, I hate cats. Well not Saladin, I love Saladin but any other cat I hate. Oh yeah and Isabel is a Vesper so keeping an eye on Ian is what we need to do. He's falling for Isabel's trap. We must keep careful watch on him and Isabel. Ian is not to be trusted.

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You r right but still he´s lived with ISABEL KABRA,the most vile person in the world and he´s a Lucian,You should give him some slack, he did ditch them. But again ur right A Lucican can never be Trusted....ur also right About Evan,Seariously? Jake he´s new give Jake the chance! And Sinead try to locate Ian,who knows what trouble he could get into......
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I think we should watch Ian. Also, I think Vikram Kabra is Vesper One.

-Madi :) 
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Hi Sinead! Nice to see you! Hows it goin'? Okay now on to bussiness.
Listen, I know you say its not branch riverly..... But it partly is! I mean you were rised not to trust Luicans, and stuff! So I mean really... But.... Ian is... Has never been really been trust worthey. But ever consider maybe, he found soemthing out, and it had to do with his Mother... Well put your self in his shoes....... Not saying I trust him.... Just think you should give him the betafit of the doubt. Anyways, nice seeing your alive! Type to ya later!

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We know Isabel Kabra can't be Vesper One. Look at the last chapter of The Medusa Plot! First of all, it refers to Vesper One as "he", and second of all, if he was a driver for Amy and Dan, they would recognize "him" if he was Isabel.
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Cat's are awesome!!!!!!!!!!




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A person that hates cats could be allergic to cats or they know thery can sense evil.......................


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One of the first to post!

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According to my research in topsecret files, Isabel is a Vesper.
And my Note-to-self says that this is a no-good feeling, Sinead!


Hmm....I think you should keep an eye on everyone. It looks like you have got a lot of trouble comming your way. If Ian left, how do you know Evan won't??

Food for thought!



Sinead, R-E-L-A-X! It's ok. AMY AND IAN WILL HAPPEN! Everything is fine! And Hammilton Likes YOU!-~Lillian



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Hmmm, lazy and sneaky... a weird combination...
But you know who else we should be watching out for? Evan! He's suspected to be Vesper 1... just sayin'.

♥ :Linae

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Thank you, Sinead, for speaking my EXACT thoughts!  IAN CANNOT BE TRUSTED PEOPLE!
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anyone who hates cats is fine with me there evil themselves(unless u count bast from the kane chronicles)

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I hope YOU turn out to be the Vesper, Sinead. You're way too mean with Ian. Do you have a mother who is considered the most evil person someone could meet, for your entire life has been putting you down, and ignores you completely even when you beg for her attention? I guess not, so you're in no position to talk. Instead of looking for trouble and insulting your fellow Cahills, you should be trying to make them feel helpful. One of the reasons why he hasn't returned is because of your "welcoming" manners. I mean, you treat Evan better than Ian and you've only met him for a few months! Smh, Sinead. I'm beginning to dislike you even more by the second...
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Cats are an excellent judge of character. Maybe Ian just finds it intimidating. :P





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No!!!!! He's my cousin for goodness sake! Sinead, I really really really really really don't think he's evil. If you think Ian is evil....then....I'm evil too!!!!!!!!  


Ian is not to be trusted. If he was doing anything trustworthy he'd tell you. You should of just listened to Saladin and kicked Ian out of the command center a long time ago. Cats are great, who hates them, besides Ian?



Sorry, Sinead. But I don't think Ian is up to something evil, er whatever. Of course he's sneaky. He a Lucian. No matter what has change about him, he'll always be sneaky. I thought you guys put the stario type crap two years ago. Just trust him. If you can't trust you own family who will trust is all I'm saying. & with Saladin, some times animals just don't like some people. I mean, I LOVE cats, but there are cats that completely hate me & I'm NOT evil. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, I'm just trying to vioce my oppinion.
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Oh boy...
Sinead-San, calm down please. Ian, the sneaky Lucian he may be, most likely won't side willingly with they who stole his baby sister. They could be blackmailing him, though. I actually know alot of people who are friends of mine who hate cats. Mostly because my brothers cat likes to attack them.  

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OMG! Sinead, you Posted! And yes, I think that Ian IS up to something. something Personal though. Let him have some Time alone.

sadapple6 aka InfiltratingClassified19

Spiders with kittens on their backs??? Shocking! :O

*cahillmail in pending*


Why does he hate cats?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Sinead, I really don't think that you should worry about Ian. He may be sneaky but he has a lot of family stuff to figure out...considering his mom is a master-manipulator, highly powerful Vesper, who was the leader of the Lucian branch. That's a lot to take in and try to reason with. Also, watch your back, don't trust Evan because he is definitely an under cover Vesper just as Arthur Trent was. He has done a great job infultrating into the family and gaining Amy's heart.